Paul Warren, British Telecom, ACTIVE Coordinator
KM at the customer front-line – The BT case study in ACTIVE
Marko Grobelnik, Jozef Stefan Institute
Text mining & Light Weight Semantics
Igor Dolinšek, HERMES SoftLab
Introduction to the ACTIVE knowledge workspace SDK
Rayid Ghani, Accenture Technology Labs
Research Directions in Enterprise Knowledge Management
Michael Witbrock, Cycorp.
Thinking Big: Web Scale AI
Lise Getoor, University of Maryland
Link Mining
Neel Sundaresan, eBayResearch Lab
Trust, Reputation and eCommerce
Pat Moore, Bloomberg
Taking To The Next Level
Paolo Paganelli, Insiel
The Intelligent Cargo Concept in the European Project EURIDICE
Denny Vrandečić, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Semantic Web
Hands on Semantic Web
Marcel Tilly, European Microsoft Innovation Center
Informal Knowledge Processes
Julian Krenge, Research Institute for Operations Management
Lizzon – Enterprise real-time messaging
Ian Mulvany, Nature
A Cabinet of Web 2.0 Scientific Curiosities
Arian Zwegers, European Commission
On Future Internet, Cloud Computing, and Semantics – You name it
John Davies, British Telecom
Semantic Technology in Business Systems